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American artist and activist Maxine Sheaffer (b. 1981, Doylestown, PA) explores the consequences of mankind’s actions as well as the moral and spiritual responsibilities of coexistence and stewardship in her wildlife art. Sheaffer seamlessly blends realism and abstraction using a variety of methods and materials. She created her signature technique of dual-sided painting on broken glass, resulting in dynamic and multidimensional visual effects that provoke reflection on the fragility of our environment and our responsibility towards preserving it.


As an activist, Sheaffer uses her platform to advocate for wildlife protection and environmental preservation. She collaborates with various conservation organizations, participates in educational outreach, and donates portions of her art sales to support wildlife conservation efforts. Through her dual roles as an artist and an activist, Maxine Sheaffer seeks to inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world and motivate collective action towards its preservation.

Maxine Sheaffer resides in Lehigh Valley, PA. She is a decorated graduate of Tyler School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, the recipient of honors and awards, Maxine's work has been shown in galleries, museums, and is displayed in public and private collections around the world.  

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