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American artist and activist Maxine Sheaffer (b. 1981, Doylestown, PA) explores the consequences of mankind’s actions as well as the moral and spiritual responsibilities of coexistence and stewardship, contemplating reality versus the concept of the ideal. Select paintings burst with vivid color embodying an ideal world, while some paintings are thoughtfully quiet and still others obscure into abstraction, addressing the reality of endangerment and loss threatening the world. She employs the use of different substrates and mediums including traditional oils on linen, to lucite, aluminum, gold, acrylic and spray paint, among others. Maxine’s intent is to support conservation and raise awareness of our impact on nature, encouraging a deeper appreciation of our interconnectivity and responsibility of good stewardship.

Maxine Sheaffer resides in Lehigh Valley, PA. She is a decorated graduate of Tyler School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, the recipient of honors and awards, Maxine's work has been shown in galleries, museums, and is displayed in public and private collections around the world.  

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