Alla Prima Custom Oil Portraits of Animals 

Custom Alla Prima Oil Sketches Pet Portraits

These beautiful custom portrait sketches will be created for you in a method called alla prima, which means wet on wet.  This style creates a painting full of life and motion, paint and brush marks are visible compared to a highly detailed painting where every detail is painted to perfection.  These Alla Prima sketches capture the essence and the energy of your beloved pet in an exciting way.  The painting will be left calculatedly "unfinished" where the body will fade away before the edge of the canvas and the background will show bits of the under-painting.  Paintings with one animal will be created on an 11"x14" canvas, paintings with two or more animals will be created on a 16"x20" canvas. If you are looking for a more refined portrait that shows a high amount of detail please see my Expressive or Exquisite collection.


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